1. 2005

    Foundation of Messer Information Services GmbH


    Messer Information Services GmbH is founded being the service company for information technology in the Messer Group. From its corporate headquarters in Groß-Umstadt, Germany, the company has 31 employees.

  2. 2011

    Data center gets into operation


    Inauguration of the MIS data center in Groß-Umstadt. From its data center , MIS provides its services centrally for more than 3.300 user around the world in the MEC Group and the Messer Group. The company has 66 employees.

  3. 2014

    Messer Information Services operates worldwide


    MIS IT, Baan and SAP services are introduced worldwide. As Messer’s IT service company, Messer Information Services supports more than 3.300 IT users from the Messer Group and the MEC Group in over 60 companies worldwide as its customers. Messer Information Services supports companies within the Messer Group in Europe, as well as locations belonging to Castolin Eutectic, Messer Cutting Systems locations and BIT Analytical Instruments, a company which also belongs to the MEC Group. The company has 74 employees.