our goal is to provide added value to our businesses

Our mission

MIS is the central IT service provider of Messer World, consisting of the MEC Group and the Messer Group, and for selected external customers.

Our business partners
We maintain a partner-like relationship with our customers and suppliers, the hallmarks of which are reliability, flexibility and transparency.

We offer our customers the complete range of IT services. We operate and are responsible for the infrastructure, a high-availability computer centre and the applications which are relevant to business. With our ITIL-compliant organisation we guarantee that data remains available and safe.

We advise our customers when they introduce and optimise business processes, taking into account defined standards. Our staff*) keep themselves up to date with regard to the latest trends and technologies in order to ensure continuous process improvement.

By training our staff we help our customers to obtain optimum benefit from the services we offer.

Our staff
All staff members and superiors treat each other in a manner which is marked by respect, cooperativeness and trust.

The managers support the staff members by means of clear decisions and targets and live up to their function as role models.

Our staff act and work professionally, displaying team spirit, initiative and a sense of responsibility.

Through continuous initial and further training we enable our staff to develop on both a professional and personal level. We offer the opportunity to work at an international level.

As a training company we acquire our junior staff by means of vocational training or sandwich degree courses.

*) This term applies to both male and female staff.