Employees & Careers

Vocational training at Messer Information Services

Messer Information Services actively cultivates its tradition of being a family-run business and provides the cornerstone for the future of the company and the future of young people thanks to its multifaceted professional training program. With a current trainee quota of 10 per cent, Messer Information Services is making an above-average contribution to the advancement of young employees within the Messer Group. The IT company provides apprentice traineeships for the positions of Information Technology Specialist in the field of applications development and system integration. We also offer a Dual Study Traineeship for achieving the Bachelor of Science (Economic Computer Science). 

We expect our trainees to be both mobile and flexible. And, as their work in many departments will involve close cooperation with our foreign subsidiaries, they should also have the requisite foreign language skills, particularly with regard to English.


Trainees are offered comprehensive training in information technology over the course of their three-year traineeship. Over the first one and a half years in particular, this training is focused on a uniform concept. This comprehensive fundamental knowledge constitutes the foundation for interdisciplinary projects in the field of information technology.

The field- and position-specific instruction takes place during the second phase of the traineeship. In both of the information technology fields for which we offer traineeships, the trainees are expected to demonstrate active teamwork, solution-oriented thinking and technical comprehension, as they will be given numerous interesting tasks requiring these skills. They will receive the support of our experienced personnel in carrying out these tasks. In addition to the hands-on training within the company, they will also learn about the theory on which this work is based in the vocational school.


Work Placements

We regularly offer the opportunity of gathering initial hands-on experience by means of work placements. These are available in the divisions of IT infrastructure and ERP applications. The length of a work placement depends on the individual school/university and the operational capacities.


Incentive Policy

In addition to a basic salary, we offer our employees a variety of incentive schemes based on business and success variables to provide them with an attractive income that keeps pace with the market.
The attainment of personal targets and the economic success of the company form the basis for a turnover and performance related pay structure. It also takes into account the degree of responsibility borne by the employee.
Our wages policy is supplemented by numerous models for building up an individual pension.